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The Board of Commissioner plays an important role in the implementation of Good Corporate Governance. It is responsible in supervising all decisions made by company directors and recommending them on every aspect of company decision.

The Company is directed by the Board of Director under direct supervision from the Board of Commissioner. In running the Company, the Directors are fully responsible of all facet of company operation. In its directorship, the Board constantly devises a specific approach, strategically directing toward achieving business goals, maximizing performance while taking into account overall management of business risks.

The Audit Committee supervise role general, assists the Board of Commissioner to provide advise on all periodical reports and matters raised by company Directors, identify matters that deserve attentions from the Board of Commissioner, asses corporate compliance with the capital market regulations and other general provisions, monitor the implementation of internal audit program, review the implementation if internal risk management, and report any imminent risk that may arise in the company, and scrutinize and report on all complaints which may arise and be directed to the Company.

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