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Company In Brief

Capitalinc StationeryPT Capitalinc Investment Tbk was established under the Laws of Republic of Indonesia under the name of PT Aneka Guna Metro Leasing, a small leasing company that operated on 1983. After several changed, on 23 June 2006 the company changed its name to became PT Capitalinc Investment Tbk. by deed No.37 Notary Agus Madjid SH.

PT Recapital Advisory through BFC SPV Ltd acquired majority of shares ownership in the company. To start with, Capitalinc was engaged in Multifinance services and general investment activities (such as toll road and water treatment, etc). However following the acquisition as the corporate action in September 2010, Capitalinc acquired oil and gas companies and enter into strategic alliance agreement with 2 companies, Capitalinc changed its focus to investment in oil and gas sector.


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